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Contour BI Interactive Reporting

by Contour Components   Vendor: Contour Components

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The Contour BI platform includes Contour Reporter, Contour BI Portal, and Contour Publisher.

Contour Reporter is a thick client report designer, an analytical tool for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) that runs on a local computer. It produces the metadata repository that is in turn shared by the other Contour BI components. Contour Reporter allows managers and specialists to quickly get business intelligence reports to improve corporate management - sales reports, customers, stocks, marketing, budget, accounting, and other statistical reports.

The Contour BI platform allows you to distribute interactive reports via your local network or via the web. Create an analytical portal, reports and dashboards with no programming involved. Contour BI Portal enables users to access reports via a web browser (thin client). Access data from all of your corporate data sources. Give your managers and decision-makers the data and interactive tools they need to increase business efficiency and profitability.

Access Reports from Anywhere. The same reports are available for all devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones.

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Contour BI Interactive Reporting

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