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WinPure Clean & Match Data Cleaning

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WinPure™ Clean & Match is the #1 award-winning, all-in-one software suite for data cleansing & data matching. Equipped with seven (7) data cleaning modules and advanced fuzzy data matching capabilities, this software is ideal for cleaning, correcting and deduplicating mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets and CRM's. WinPure™ Clean & Match has been specially designed to be used by anyone, not just IT professionals. All companies and organizations can truly benefit from using WinPure™ Clean & Match.

Features WinPure CleanMatrix™ to provide a simple yet sophisticated method of applying a whole host of data cleaning processes onto your data. Containing a full set of tools to help clean, correct, standardize and transform your data the CleanMatrix™ is divided into 7 sections, each section focusing on a specific data cleaning operation. All settings can then be saved and used on other similar data sets thus saving an incredible amount of time

Instantly fix data quality issues

Included is a powerful data profiling tool which will scan each data list and provide over 30 different statistics ranging from % filled/empty cells to most common values & counts. It also features red & amber coloring to highlight potential data quality issues such as leading/trailing spaces, dots, hyphens, etc. all of which can be fixed from a single click to help clean and correct your data, and to prepare it better for data matching.

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WinPure Clean & Match Data Cleaning