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Traffic Inspector Network Security

by Smart-Soft   Vendor: Smart-Soft

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Traffic Inspector is an integrated gateway solution providing network security. It includes a proxy server, firewall, mail gateway, speed and session control, excessive activity blocking, traffic routing, Active Directory integration, statistics, reports, and a billing system. It gives you web access control and traffic analysis, policy-based routing and the ability to failover to a backup ISP link if needed. Extensive employee and network traffic monitoring facilities supported by our product allow you to keep close tabs on what your users do when they surf the Web.

The Flood Mitigation system blocks users who generate excessive network traffic on your internal networks.

Integrated SMTP Gateway is designed to serve as the front-end to a corporate mail server and filters out spam and unwanted email.

Traffic Inspector can be used to create effective network access policies for your users and block unwanted sites and web content. Content filtering, regexp-based URL filtering and URL categorization are supported.

The product provides secure and managed Internet access for your home or office network via single or multiple internet connections (dial-up, ISDN, DSL, cable, Wi-Fi).

The Connection Failover feature prevents downtime and connection loss by ensuring that Traffic Inspector fails over to a backup connection if the primary connection becomes unavailable. The Advanced Routing feature allows traffic routing decisions to be based on various matching criteria rather than just the IP address of the destination host.

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Traffic Inspector Network Security

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