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TimeLive Online Timesheet Tracker

by Livetecs   Vendor: Livetecs

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TimeLive Online Timesheet Tracker is a software solution for professional service providers. It enables you to record, track, and bill for your services. Track the performance of your staff. Track staff expenses and working hours. Billable/Unbillable option defines whether or not the client should be billed for an expense incurred. Spot patterns of productivity for varying times of day. Identify opportunities to motivate your workforce to achieve the desired performance.

Notifications via E-mail can send employees reminders about pending timesheets. Managers can receive reminders of pending approvals. Define approval paths in TimeLive in accordance with the hierarchy that is followed inside your organization. This provides a structured solution so that respective managers can give approvals in a sequential manner instead of manually sending requests for approvals to each and every manager in accordance with the hierarchy.

Track time and expenses efficiently and accurately from anywhere. Manage and Track Your Time & Expense Reporting on TimeLive Timesheet Tracker On-Premises or On-Demand Version. Detailed and summarized online timesheet reports are available with all possible filters. Audit trail of Track My Time entries keeps track of every input/modification of each timesheet.

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TimeLive Online Timesheet Tracker